Mediation is a process for resolving conflict equitably and cost-effectively, with the help of a neutral third party. Unlike a court case, where one party wins and the other loses, the hallmark of mediation is that both parties’ interests are addressed.

Marjorie Carey Jacobs, JD., M.H.AWe’re in this together.

Marjorie Jacobs is the founder of Alternative Strategies, Inc. She was formally a corporate healthcare attorney whose work included developing alternative dispute resolution programs for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Since 2001, her primary focus has been on solving matrimonial mediation using a cooperative problem solving approach. She has created a boutique practice specializing in all aspects of divorce mediation. Over the past 21 years, Marjorie has conducted over 2,500 mediation sessions with nearly all of the cases resulting in a successful resolution.

Marjorie is a respected mediator who combines her interpersonal skills with her knowledge of family law and financial acumen which allows for the parties to achieve a lasting resolution. She prides herself on her ability to adapt to the specific needs of the individuals and their personal, emotional and financial situations. Given her significant experience, she is able to work with challenging dynamics and is able to modify her mediation style to accommodate varying personalities and perceived imbalances of power between the parties. This allows her to provide realistic options to both parties as they determine their future path.

Marjorie works with clients in the greater Chicagoland area including Lake, Cook, McHenry and DuPage counties.

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WHAT WE DODefining success together

Marjorie is an attorney whose practice is devoted to mediation and is trained as both a family law mediator and has experience mediating all types of disputes. The mediator, a neutral professional, helps participants:

  • Clearly define the issues in dispute
  • Tone down the communication process
  • Facilitate a rational discussion
  • Reach agreements

The mediator does not make decisions for the family but helps the clients make decisions they believe are in everyone’s best interest.




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