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FAMILY MEDIATIONFrequently Asked Questions

How do I initiate mediation?

If you and your spouse are considering mediation, a member of our team will be glad to outline our mediation services, answer any questions and set up an initial meeting. If appropriate, the mediator, your spouse and you then will jointly develop a framework for the mediation process.

If I use mediation, will I still need an attorney?

Our practice requires that each party retain separate counsel that will provide valuable legal advice. Your attorney will help you understand the legal implications of your decisions as you negotiate during mediation. However, by using mediation it is likely that you will incur fewer legal fees. Your attorneys will be more of a consultant and will help you through the final stages of the divorce process including; but not limited to all of the filing requirements and the final agreements necessary to the divorcing process.

What if we cannot reach a final agreement?

Mediation may not resolve all issues, but even partial agreements can help parties limit court time and expense.

How do we charge for mediation services?

These services are charged on an hourly basis, for both formal mediation sessions and all preparatory work on behalf of the parties. Research shows that mediation is a faster, more economical alternative to litigation for divorce related disputes.

What about confidentiality?

If you are looking for a confidential process, mediation should be your process of choice. We operate in the most protective and confidential manner since there is no discovery of documents to be filed with the court. All negotiations are confidential. Should the process break down, no one is entitled to the mediator notes; it is as if the mediation never occurred.

What is a typical mediation process and how long will it take?

Mediation works at the pace of the parties. Each individual is respected in the process and the process moves as quickly as both parties’ needs allow.

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